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Resources For You

Don't you just love FREE STUFF!  Clearly, I do!  Planning has many phases and I'm thrilled to provide just a few of the items I use when helping clients plan their big day!  Checklists, worksheets, and guides - Oh My!


Venue Guide

Not all venues are created equal.  There are differences that will affect your planning and budget. In this venue guide, you will discover which type of venue is best for you plus some out-of-the-box venues as well!

Wedding Checklist

Wedding planning is fun and exciting.  It is also considered to be a journey of decisions and timing.  When should you order your wedding attire?  When should I finalize my guest list?  Here is a checklist that will answer these questions and beyond.

Budget Worksheet

When planning an event - it's important that you understand how much of an investment your event will cost.  Here is a worksheet that will help you understand event breakdown and keep your budget on track.

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