Wedding Planning While in Quarantine

Quarantine and social distancing...two phrases that will not be forgotten anytime soon! It has turned everyone on end and has made it necessary to rethink and replan all aspects within our lives!

You’ve planned your wedding day for months and now you're faced with the decision to cancel or reschedule. So here is an outline to help you navigate through this process plus some fun wedding DIYs for you while we wait this out!

Why not kick it up a notch….we’ve got time! Here’s what you should know…

Ideally any wedding professional would recommend rescheduling - this would keep all your wedding plans intact. If you cancel you may risk losing your deposits and subsequent payments.

Rescheduling allows you to gently lift your plans and move it to another day! But what’s involved in that ~ notifying your guests, reaching out to vendors, reading your contacts (repeatedly) so you have a full understanding of what is involved.

So let’s get busy….stay calm...and plan again!

Read Your Contracts

Read these a few times...just to be sure you have a good understanding of your vendors cancellation policies vs. rescheduling. Some vendors may have a “force majeure” clause which speaks to “acts of God” but please understand - the wording is critical and may not be the same for everyone.

If you’re not sure - I would recommend contacting a lawyer. However, your wedding professionals should be able to explain exactly what is in their contracts . Cancellations may result in a loss of funds for you but rescheduling should keep all services just as they are. This would also help minimize any seasonal price increases.

Check Your Venue

This is one of the first calls to make. Checking your venue’s availability will drive most of your decisions. When speaking with your venue regarding rescheduling - ask for a few dates and keep an open mind.

Many venues will offer weddings during the week. Then reach out and offer those dates to your florist, photographer, caterer, DJ, Band, officiant and any other specialty service you have contracted.

If they are all available...don’t hesitate - secure your new date as quickly as you can. There are a lot of brides rescheduling and you don’t want to miss out!


If you have secured a room block for out of town guests - you will have to move this as well. Depending upon your reschedule date - it is possible there will be a change in your rate. I recommend speaking with your booking agent directly to see what they can do for you.

For more information regarding room block - Reserving Hotel Room Blocks

Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance protects your investment from circumstances beyond your control. Most of those are portable so you can move this coverage to your rescheduled date.

If wedding insurance is something you currently don’t have - The Knot has a great article that will help. Wedding Insurance 101

Ask a Planner

All this can be overwhelming and if you are working with a wedding planner you can certainly rely on them for advice and navigate you through this confusion!

If you have not used a wedding planner - it’s not too late! You can certainly reach out to your local planner and chat about options and services.

Wedding professionals are very willing to help and our toolboxes are full of skill and information!

Notify Your Guests

If you have a wedding website, that’s a great place to start. Once you have settled on a new date - add all the necessary information on your home page. If you don't have a website, sending an email or text to your guests is just as good! You can also, enlist your family and friends and go old school and start a phone chain.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be heavy - lighten the mood with a fun quote or graphic! Encouraging everyone to stay safe and healthy is sure to infuse your personality! You will still marry your best friend and celebration is just around the corner!

Small Celebrations

Here’s another thought...modify your ceremony! In some areas - no more than 10 people can gather at one time. Think about a smaller ceremony with you and your partner, parents, maid of honor and best man...don't forget to include your officiant and you're good to go! Reschedule your reception to a later date then everyone will meet you on the dance floor without worry!


Let's Keep Busy

While we are quarantined - keeping busy and moving forward will help you feel so much better.

So here are some wedding DIYs to help pass the time!

Seating charts are always a good idea.

It's a great DIY project and will add a finished look to your wedding day!

Seating Charts - Pinterest

Use your printer and good quality card stock to create this simple but sweet seating chart

Are you a Starbucks your frappuccino bottles and turn them into floral escort cards!


If you're in the middle of your planning, numbering the response envelopes that correspond with your guest list is an easy way to keep track of those attendees that have not send their RSVP.


DIY favors are an inexpensive way to say thank you to your guests! They don’t have to be elaborate - just thoughtful. Often sharing something you love with those that are celebrating with you is all you need.


Websites and Podcast

Listening to podcasts is another great way to stay informed and gain some valuable insight from wedding professionals. My favorite podcast these days is The Union Podcast hosted by Jamie Wolfer and Heather Loree Fier. You will find them to be honest, funny and so super kool!

If you find yourself exploring the internet...check out Heather's website for wedding tips and hacks.

The Wedding Hacker is a great resource for budget brides! If you a You won't be disappointed in Jamie's channel - Jamie Wolfer

Lastly, I leave you with this thought...take heart and please remember to be gentle with yourself and those around you! We all need to stay safe and healthy. Please know you will get through this! You will get married, you will celebrate your love for each other and you will love your wedding day!

Please share this blog with someone that may need a little wedding love! :)

For more information regarding COVID-19 - follow this link (CDC - COVID-19)

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