Pandemic Wedding Planning-6 Ways In Which You Can Get Married

Planning a wedding during a pandemic crisis has been challenging at best! You are probably asking yourself if you should reschedule or downsize your wedding? There are so many types of weddings that have emerged over the past few months it can be very confusing. So here are 6 types of weddings that you can host in this current environment.


Historically elopements meant running away without telling family or friends. But lately, it means tying the knot and celebrating with just yourselves or a small gathering of friends and family.

The length of elopement ceremonies is typically one hour with 2 to 4 guests attending. You may want to have a photographer on hand to capture the sweet moment of when you and your partner say I do.

Where can you host this type of wedding - anywhere! Say “I do” under a canopy of trees in your favorite park, along the shoreline of a beautiful beach, or a quick and simple visit to the Justice of the Peace. Any place that holds significance for you. These types of ceremonies are informal, fun, and inspiring! If you're looking for some assistance, reach out to a wedding planner. Some planners have elopement packages ready to go!


A minimony is literally a “mini” ceremony but a bit more formal. Couples wear their gowns and suiting, complete with boutonnieres, and bouquets. The length of a minimony is typically two hours with up to 4 to 8 guests attending. This type of ceremony, much like an elopement, can be held in parks, backyards, or venues that would typically host larger celebrations. After your ceremony, enjoy cocktails and appetizers with your guests and follow up with a sequel wedding at a later date!

Pop-Up Weddings

Pop up weddings are just fabulous! They are kind of like a drive-through...but not! The length of Pop-up weddings is typically three hours with 6 to 10 guests attending. These are scheduled celebrations that allow for plenty of time for you to tie the knot, take some photos, celebrate and move on to continue the party at another location. They are timed perfectly so you will never see the couple in front of you or behind. Then the venue staff swoop in and do a deep clean just in time for the next couple.

Pop-Up weddings are held at participating venues and provide a ceremony arch, an officiant, and a photographer! The only thing you need to do is show up at your designated time!

Sequel Weddings

Sequel weddings are like the after-party! These are celebrations that take place at a later date and time after the restrictions of COVID have been lifted. The length of a sequel wedding is typically 4 hours with your original guest count! You have married earlier with a small ceremony and now its time to party! A sequel wedding allows you, family, and friends to enjoy all of your reception activities including cake cutting, couples dances, and bouquet toss! The benefit of a sequel wedding is you have secured your venue well in advance so the pressure if off and it's time to enjoy and have fun.

Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings are a combination of your ceremony and reception - just smalled in size. The length of Intimate weddings is typically three hours with up to 20 guests attending. You can have this type of celebration at a venue, in your backyard, or at your favorite restaurant. With the smaller guest count there are plenty of opportunities to upgrade your linens, food, and perhaps turn your wedding day into a weekend-long celebration!


Lastly, we have a micro wedding! These are smaller versions of your full-size wedding. The length of a Micro wedding is typically four hours with a guest count up to 50. These have all the bells and whistles of your larger celebrations. You'll have music, your photographer, cake cutting, bouquet toss and don't forget the cupid shuffle!

Live Stream

Live streaming your ceremony is always a popular option and is certainly a great way to include family members that are unable to attend. Some live streaming platforms to consider are Zoom, Facebook Live, Skype, Wedfully, and Event Live just to name a few.

What's Important

Remember, regardless of what type of wedding you select, it’s important to remember you are marrying the love of your life! That’s truly all that matters! In these difficult times, I encourage you to stay positive and celebrate your love the way it was meant to be!

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