Jennifer & Danny Barry

“Love recognizes no barriers, It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls. To arrive at its destination full of hope.” Maya Angelou

This statement can not be more true for Jennifer and Danny Barry. They would not let COVID stop them from getting married. Their original wedding date was scheduled for early May - just as our nation shut down due to COVID 19. All their planning, dreaming, and anticipation came to a halt.

Photographer: Kristi Harris Photography

Over the next few months, many terms would emerge as the wedding industry tried to find ways to help couples through their confusion and uncertainty. We became familiar with Mini Ceremonies, Pop-Up Weddings, Intimate Weddings, Micro Weddings, and Sequel Weddings. They were all designed to provide guidelines for those couples that did not want to postpone their weddings.

Let’s Get Married

Jennifer and Danny were determined to marry and so they turned their larger celebration into a mini-ceremony. On a breezy day in May, their immediate family gathered to watch Jennifer and Danny marry.

Florals along with handmade bible-versed signs marked their path down the ceremony aisle. Roses and lace flowed from the gazebo where they stood together and exchanged vows. This sweet ceremony was followed by photos and champagne toasts. This couple made their ceremony extra special by including their videographer who captured every moment of their sweet ceremony and family moments.

Jennifer’s Dream

Just a few months later and Jennifer’s planning has kicked into high gear again!

“My dream idea is to merge my mini-ceremony into my “princess” wedding. It's important to me that my father walks me down the aisle and my family and friends are present to share it with us."

That meant creating a hybrid of two wedding styles. Combining the micro wedding and a sequel wedding with the addition of their mini-ceremony video!

Photographer: Kristi Harris Photography

Let’s Plan

The Barry’s “second” ceremony was personalized even further with Jennifer’s cousins providing vocals and music. The orchestration between the processional walk and Jennifer’s arrival at the ceremony site was crucial. Ending at just the right moment provided a balance and flow to the overall story.

Once Jennifer joined Danny, her brother, who was also their officiant, welcomed everyone and explained that this beautiful couple had exchanged vows just a few short months earlier. The video was introduced as two groomsmen and her planners moved both projector and screen into place.

Our couple and the bridal party then moved to the side where they were able to watch the video along with their guests.

Photographer: Kristi Harris Photography

Party Time - Redefined

Jennifer and Danny continued to redefine their wedding day. This was certainly a sequel wedding as it was a larger and separate celebration that took place after their earlier ceremony, but it is also a redefined micro-wedding.

Their venue had the ability to accommodate a slightly larger guest count since they have a significant outdoor space. The floor plan ensured proper social distancing for 70 guests complete with hand sanitizing stations and masks.

The evening continued in the traditional style with introductions, first dances, toasts, and cake cutting. Guests remained to the end of their reception - all appreciating the safety efforts and were grateful for an evening out!


Jennifer and Danny would not let the challenges of a pandemic stop them from celebrating! Their day was full of sentiment, love, and appreciation for those that care and supported them.

Photographer: Kristi Harris Photography

So let’s be inspired to jump those hurdles, leap fences, and penetrate the walls of COVID!

Weddings and love are certainly worth celebrating!

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