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Intimate Wedding Ideas- How To Make It Special

By Liz Barbato

You’ve met the love of your life and you’re considering an Intimate Wedding. Intimate weddings are smaller celebrations that have around 20 guests. They are trending and becoming very popular, but what are the benefits of these smaller events and why should you consider this option.

You’ve planned for a larger wedding, and now you have to postpone. Do you elope, opt for a minimony, or invite your closest family and friends to a smaller celebration. Smaller weddings are perfect for those couples that choose not to postpone and still want to marry. Scaling back will give your a larger budget in which you can pamper yourself and your guests plus take your celebrations in a non-traditional direction.

Venue Selection

You can be creative with your venue and ceremony locations! Perhaps booking a few days at that high-end hotel you’ve had your eye on. Reserving a few rooms and hosting your ceremony at this luxurious venue takes your wedding celebrations to a whole new level!

Starr Pass Resort – Tucson, AZ

Is a sweet backyard wedding more your style. You can create a magical and intimate space where the atmosphere is more casual and relaxed. Stringing lights, tents, and lots of candles will transform your backyard into a beautiful and intimate wedding. Bring in a food truck or a mobile micro bar for some added fun.

Wedding Weekend

Instead of celebrating just one day – consider celebrating the entire weekend! Appointments at the spa for the ladies and rounds of golf for the guys! Plan a trip to a vineyard with a wine tasting at the end of the day, or a group tour of your city followed by a relaxing afternoon poolside with a cocktail!

Love On Your Guests

Shower your favorite people with a little love by providing personalized gift baskets, extra-special bridal party gifts or lux favors for your guests. Who doesn’t love boxes of chocolate, specialty soaps, or a basket of champagne with engraved flute glasses!

Table Design

With a smaller guest count, you will have fewer tables and more room to create a beautiful tablescape. Full and lush florals set upon specialty linen and colorful glassware will create a spectacular table. Finishing touches can include customized menus, calligraphy place cards, and personalized favors for your guests.

Speeches & Thank Yous

This is the time to express your feelings in a unique and personal way. Addressing each guest and expressing your gratitude or sharing an amazing story is memorable and fun. Then it’s their turn…you never know what to expect with an open mic but be prepared for the stories your BFF may share!

Desserts and Champagne

Decadent dessert wines, champagne, and cakes are on the list of indulgence. Adding an after-dinner dessert wine paired with chocolate or sparkling champagne paired with candied fruit and nuts can be a surprise ending to your evening.


With a smaller wedding, your honeymoon plans can head in an exotic direction. Looking into destinations that typically would not have been an option is now a possibility. Make a list of your favorite places and go shopping! Many honeymoon packages are being offered at discounted prices – book now and travel later!

Bonus Tip

This is a great time to add a wedding planner. Many wedding professionals are tailoring their services to accommodate intimate weddings. Special pricing and packages make these services more accessible. Shop around and talk to a few planners to see what they have to offer. Allowing them to help you will make this the easiest wedding you have ever planned!

I hope you enjoyed this blog – If you would like a blog on how to DIY an Intimate Wedding

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