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Budget-Friendly and DIY Party Planning Ideas

By Liz Barbato

Summer is in full swing and with the hot weather comes pool parties, bbq’s, and impromptu late-night dinners with friends. It’s all about the outdoors and living your best life!

Here I will share what to look for when planning a small party along with some DIY and budget-friendly decor ideas.

First, let’s start with a theme! Your theme can be based on a variety of things. Your menu, a color scheme, or a milestone event! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to throw a “White Party” or you’re serving Italian food so a Tuscan theme would be perfect. The possibilities are endless.


Look around your space and think about how best to use it. You can repurpose furniture that typically lives in your home – bring it outside! I work from the bottom up – so let’s throw down some area rugs and set a loveseat and a few chairs out to create a conversation space. Add some candles or lanterns and you’ve created a lovely intimate seating area.

Photo: The Arc Store

Table Setting

Let’s talk tables – the same rule applies here. Your goal is to use what you have on hand or look for budget-friendly items. You can use ribbon and scarves as runners and place them down the center of the table – even mismatched tablecloths can set a fun foundation for your dinnerware.

Photo: Wedding Day Life


Centerpieces can be just as creative. Gather up some candles and place them in the center of your table, create a vignette of small bottles, and jars then add some fresh flowers. If you have potted plants or fresh herbs in your yard – use them too!

Photo: Brides


Your dinnerware will set the stage, but don’t worry if you don’t have enough. Mismatched dinner plates look great – add the finishing touch with some linen or disposable napkins. Fold or tied them with pieces of ribbon, jute, or string. Flatware can also be mismatched or disposable – I would recommend keeping it the same color for consistency.

Photo: Loveriq

Photo: Too Much Time

Finish your Night!

Finish your night with dessert! Always a good idea – use a ladder or some boxes set on top of a tabletop as a dessert display. It’s fun and guest can help themselves.

Photo: Wedding Chicks

The goal is to create a fun space and enjoy your time with family and friends without spending a fortune!

Leave me a comment and let me know which was your favorite!

Liz Barbato


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