Liz Barbato

Owner/Designer/Event Planner

You're planning your perfect party and 

you're ready to go!

But hear that voice...

That small voice that makes you feel that you've forgotten something...or you're just not sure what your next steps should be.

Now all your hard work has come to a halt -  but you're determined not to let this rest on your heart.

Trust me..we've all been there!

You know what you want...if you only had a planner to talk to and share your ideas - ensure you're on the right track!

That's where I come in...creativity and event planning -  kinda like Joanna Gains meets Mindy Weiss!

I'll help you create an event that is perfectly yours!

We've all been there!

I have hosted many personal events and found myself so busy managing everyone and everything - I was not enjoying myself - not even close!  

I know that having a planner can return your day to you.

So I put my experience with large scale parties, corporate events and trade shows along with my obsession for design and style to good use! 


Throw in my need to organize and timeline everything, this provides you with services that will relieve your stress and make you a guest at your own party!

What's Next...

Let's grab a cup of coffee and I'll listen as you share your story!  Tell me every little detail - love stories are the best!

They are all unique and inside they hold the story of "you".  

Share with me your vision...what do you see when you let your mind wander over the details of your special day!  

Let's plan and make your event unforgettable!