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So happy to meet you! 

I'm Liz Barbato, owner of Confetti Event Planning and I will be your lead planner.
  I am also a wife, mom, and grandmother! 
Some of my favorite things to do are spending time with my horse and dogs. On my days off I love to horseback ride, hike, grab coffee with friends and have date nights with my hubby.  
Oh, I can't forget those fun sleepovers with my granddaughter.

(sometimes she lets me pick the movie) 

My Story..

I'm just a simple girl from New York that grew up in an Italian home just outside of Manhattan!  Many days were spent learning to cook and entertaining family alongside my mom and grandmother.  On Sunday we would all gather for family dinners at a beautifully set table and talk (ok - shout - we are Italian) and share stories, play board games, and laugh.  My grandmother encouraged my love for linen, china, and entertaining.  She was a collector and loved textures and colors. This started the beginning of my lifelong love and obsession. 

My first position was working for Sales Directors at Mademoiselle magazine in NYC. Then on to other great organizations like Seagrams (the liquor company), and then into finance at the Royal Bank of Canada, where I developed the skills for managing and planning special events, global sales meetings, tradeshows, and holiday parties. 

So you see...if you add all these experiences together and a wedding planner is born! These are the skills that will relieve your stress and make you a guest at your own party! Taking you from your wedding day concept to walking down the aisle.

What's Next...

Let's grab a cup of coffee and I'll listen as you share your story! Tell me every little detail - love stories are the best!

They are all unique and inside they hold the story of "you".  

Share with me your vision...what do you see when you let your mind wander over the details of your special day!  

Let's plan and make your event unforgettable!

Image by Jonas Jacobsson
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