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7 Ways to Surprise Your Groom on Wedding Day

By Liz Barbato

Here’s a creative list to surprise your groom on wedding day. Includes ideas on suiting, fun boutonnieres, specialty groom gifts, groom cake ideas, favors and so much more.

Let’s be honest ladies..brides spend a lot of time thinking about their wedding day! Wedding dresses, style, decor, food, and music are at the forefront of their Pinterest boards! But wouldn’t it be nice to surprise the groom with a few unexpected moments that make him smile!

So let’s get our “groom” on…and take a look at some ways to incorporate your groom’s spirit into his big day!

Groom Suiting

Groom’s suiting has come a long way from the traditional black tux and bow tie! There are so many options – everything from fabrics to design style. Does your groom like single-breasted or double-breasted suits, evening tails, or a morning coat. Perhaps vests, bowties, or pocket squares more his style Think about your color scheme and then add little touches of his personality!

Mix and matching your suit jacket with different color pants is a fun option. If your planning a spring or summer wedding – go for lightweight cotton or linen. If a fall wedding is in your future, velvet lapels, light wool or flannel suits look great!

Martha Stewart – Boutonnieres

If informal is your style…lose the tie or go with just a vest or suspenders!
Play with textures and color!


Don’t stop there…the groom’s boutonniere is another place to show off his style. Move slightly off tradition by adding sprigs of rosemary, lambs ear, or thistle. Add pops of color with small pieces of fabric, feathers, or dried grasses wrapped in twine! Combined – this look is all you!

Bride Gifts for Her Groom

You’re marrying your best friend and you want to show him some extra love! A personalized groom gift box is a fun and unexpected gift idea. Think about what your guy enjoys and how he spends his time off. Is he active – does he hike, bike, run, or does he enjoy relaxing, reading, or watching sports with his best buddies.


Keep him stylish with a beautiful watch or set of cufflinks


Groomsmen Gifts

Gift boxes don’t stop there! This is an epic day…and your groom wants his buddies by his side. What better way to kick his wedding celebrations into high gear by presenting each of his groomsmen a personalized gift box.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Reception Time

It’s time to party and his unique spirit is reflected here too! Table centerpieces can be both masculine and floral! How do you achieve this…through color! Florals are soft and feminine but when grounded with masculine darker colors – it takes on a beautiful moody look! Dark-colored linen with metallics like copper, gold and black matte make a stunning table setting.

s he more of a sports enthusiast – his sport of choice can be worked in easily. If your color theme lends itself to his favorite sports team…add that into your tablescapes.

Other areas where the groom can shine is on the guest book and gift table! Look close…there’s another great guest book idea!

Groom inspired favors

Are you feeling inspired yet – Let your groom select your wedding favors. They don’t have to be extravagant – just thoughtful.

BBQ Rubs

Totally Promotional
Personalized Shot Glasses

If one cake is your style – there are ways to add his personality! Why not reveal to the world the superhero he is hiding inside!

Dessert Table

Let your creativity loose here! Adding personality to this space along with a few dessert options! Is your guy salty to your sweet – this is fun and sure to be a hit with guests.

Grand Exit!

It’s time to go – so let your guy pick his favorite way to say goodbye! Glow sticks, paper airplanes, ribbon wands or confetti poppers! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you found this inspirational and will add a few of these ideas into your wedding day! This is a day for you both to remember and what better way than to make it as personal and unique as possible! Happy Planning!

If you have any other groom ideas or have found one to be your favorite, please leave a comment below!

Thanks so much – and don’t forget to throw some Confetti! 🙂

Liz Barbato


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