Mother of the Bride

10 Ways to Honor the Mother of the Bride

By Liz Barbato

As little girls, we’ve spent hours dressing in our mother’s clothes, putting on her jewelry, and dancing around in her high heels. Applying the perfect shade of lipstick and leaving lip marks on the mirror!

Fast forward to today and now you’re leafing through magazines, cutting out wedding dresses, and chatting about your wedding dreams over cups of coffee (or tea).

Here are the top 10 ways to honor the mother of the bride

Before Wedding Day

Your mother is traveling on this wedding planning journey with you. Her mind is full of details, creating mental lists, answering the many wedding etiquette questions from a nervous bride plus asking herself has she forgotten anything? She is sure she has…so it’s time to take a break from wedding planning and dedicate a day to the mother of the bride.

Photo Shoot

A mother-daughter photoshoot is a great way to capture the love in your relationship! Select a place that has meaning to you both! A park, museum, or a tea house – or if you’re really adventurous – head on over to your favorite movie theatre dressed in “old Hollywood” style!

Cupcake Love

Everything’s better with cupcakes…and chocolate is high on mom’s list! A cake (or cupcake) tasting is not only fun but delicious! Including them on your dessert table will let mom know how special she is. Adding cupcakes in her favorite flavors or perhaps recreate a small replica of mom’s wedding cake is a tasty way to say thank you for her support and love!

Say Yes to Her Dress

She has waited for this moment – watching her beautiful daughter walk down the aisle – but mom needs to shine too! Selecting just the right style, fit and that perfect shade of blue is so important. It must have all the important elements that will allow her to feel beautiful, stylish, and comfortable! Here are 10 Best Mother of the Bride Dresses for 2020 happy shopping!

Something Sparkly

Complete the shopping experience by selecting complimentary jewelry for mom to wear on wedding day! There are so many jewelry options. Vintage bracelets, classic brooches, and chandelier earrings just to name a few! Striking just that perfect balance will complete her look and she’ll feel fabulous! Try looking to for advice regarding The Ultimate Guide to Mother of the Bride Accessories and Jewelry

Spa Day

You and mom should feel relaxed and pampered in the days leading up to wedding day! Why not book a spa day for the both of you? Massages, facials or a full-service package, there are so many options! Regardless of what service you select.. it’s important to know what types of services are available. Try a hot stone, aromatherapy, or shiatsu massage. Facials will help you look bright, fresh, and rejuvenated! A classic facial may be perfect or perhaps a hydra facial…either way – just lay back and relax!

Wedding Day

Wedding day is here and you are surrounded by family and friends. Traditionally the father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle but you’re not a traditional girl! Opt for a non-traditional entrance and have mom escort you as well! There is room for both on this special day!

Wearing your mother’s bridal veil or sewing a piece of her gown into a handkerchief provides you with an heirloom you will have for years to come. Adding a piece of her jewelry is another way to honor her! A vintage necklace, earrings, bracelet, or pinning a brooch to your bouquet will make it perfectly yours!


Centerpieces set the stage, but having a special centerpiece made for your mother’s table will set her apart from the rest! Including the flowers, she had in her bridal bouquet and watch her smile!

Musical Moments

After the bride dances with her father…it’s mom’s turn with a mother-daughter dance! Have fun with this…change it up with upbeat songs. Maybe you even choreograph a dance segment! Or you can include your parents wedding song and watch them dance together! Now that’s so special.

The After Party

You may choose a more subtle way of thanking your mom. Arranging for a weekend getaway with dad, gifting her with a beautifully designed gift box or tickets to the theatre or opera. Does she have a special hobby or interest? Send her a yearly subscription – She would be reminded monthly of how much she is appreciated.

I hope you found some inspirational ways to celebrate mom! Please like and share this post with the special people in your life!

Thanks so much – and don’t forget to throw some Confetti! 🙂

Liz Barbato


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